The Matriarchy of Dumont and her Colonies


Ambition defines the nation of Dumont. Once a small tribe led by an elder council, they now control all of the March and have continued to expand further and further onto the new continent.


For much of their history, the people of Dumont survived on the meager sustenance provided by Lake Aern in the resource-poor marshlands of Dumont. Food was scarce and the Dumontians had little reason or opportunity to venture beyond the mountains surrounding Lake Aern. Because of this, reaching old age is seen as a rarity and an achievement by Dumontians, and it is these elders who they look to for guidance and leadership. In the year 231 I.I (In Isolation) one major discovery changed Dumont forever. An intrepid miner discovered an ore, deep in the mountain, stronger than any steel they had developed previously. This led the miner an entire vein, and soon the Dumontian's began processing industrial quantities of the metal they dubbed Harbenite for use  in everything from fasteners and household tools to deadly weaponry. 

This inspired humanity to finally expanded beyond the mountains into the rest of Dumont. As they did their society outgrew the small council of elders by the lake, so new councils were established in townships across the land, all reporting back the original council of Dumont, now called the High Council. Not long after an elder of the High Council, Melusine, emerged with a new vision for Dumont. She presented a vision for a powerful, assertive Dumont, and she began by conquering the lands of the Halfings of the outerlying territories, establishing dominance over the whole main Island of Dumont. Not satisfied with their one island, Melusine eventually led the Dumonti to conquer the Isle of the Tief as well. New land and resources proved a powerful motivator for the people - who crowned Melusine the of Mistresses of the Marsh and established a line of rulers whose authority superseded that of the councils.

Today the current Mistress of the Marsh leaders her people ever forward into the unknown of Viðförland, through the lands they now call Abingdon. However the elder councils remain to steer Dumont, and remind the people of their humble origins.

The Matriarchy of Dumont and her Colonies

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