The Kingdom of Valmeir


The Valmeiri of the Isles are a seafaring people, some are said to have never touched land. They often serve as intermediaries between the peoples of the March and Albain and through this earned a reputation as merchants and adventurers.


Early dwarves lived a simple life, providing sustenance to their families through fishing and small goat herds. The Dwarves were brought together by the sea, and were the first people to sail the open ocean. With these ships groups of islands were able to connect and form pretty kingdoms to ensure mutual security. With the security of their islands ensured the Dwarves took to the sea in force, exploring their surrounding waters and eventually, the other continents of the north. For many of the people of the north the Dwarves were the first sign of a world beyond their own continent. As the Dwarves spread throughout the lands, trading and integrating with other societies, a contingent of nativists began gaining power on the Valmeiri Isles, arguing that the Dwarven race had forgotten it's roots.  These elements consolidated around a Jarl of the eastern islands who they believed could re-unite the Dwarven people.

The Kingdom of Valmeir

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