The Kingdom of Argialla

Kingdom of Argialla

Argialla is a martial kingdom co-led by three suzerains of ostensibly equal power. The kingdom arose from an uprising within the Volun Council, and Argiallans bond over a shared desire to one day take the rest of the continent of Albain from the Volunti. 


A relatively recent civilization by Volunti standards, according to legend the country emerged from Volunti over 500 years ago from an uprising of 3 powerful chieftans. Since then the country has been ruled by 3 kings who rule collectively from a single capital. They are a military minded people who aim to expand their borders beyond their eastern mountains, but generally the kings have found themselves fighting amongst themselves too often to mount a concerted effort.

Though not explicitly stated in their official history,it is widely understood that the Argialla uprising was largely due to discontent over the consumption of natural resources by Volun, as well as racial animosity between the Elves and Gnomes. Elves were increasingly unsatisfied with the Gnomes treatment of nature and hoarding of knowledge in their libraries. The Argiallan government doesn’t proclaim favor to either race, but it is notable that the 3 kings have always consisted of 2 Elves and only 1 Gnome.


The Kingdom of Argialla

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