The Outer Reach


The Outer Reach means different things to different people, but it is generally considered to be the territory not under definite control of any of the nations of the North, which includes most of the Reach. The Outer Reach is home to the Dragonborn people, but the people of the North of no government to which the Dragonborn answer to, save to their families and their home towns.

The Dragonborn People

With no central government, diplomacy with the Dragonborn happens on a town by town basis. Most of the Dragonborn have welcomed the newcomers, who have thus far largely stuck to the northern shores of the Reach, and a sort of accord has been reached with most of the Dragonborn towns. Dragonborn act as a guides to those wishing to venture deeper into the Reach while others have begun to integrate into Northern communities, teaching them to farm local crops or learning trades of the North like shipbuilding.

Beyond this present arrangement little is known of Dragonborn history, while they'll be happy to tell of you their hometown, their local tribal counsel or their youth exploring the Reach they seem to have no knowledge of any shared origin or history of their people, or at least none they'll admit knowledge to.

The Outer Reach

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