The Volun Council and its Colonies

The Volun Council

Little is known of early Volunti history, but the commonly accepted mythology is that Volun has existed for all of time. They believe themselves to be an important people and keep extensive records of the exploits of their people, though their penchant for exaggeration render most of it unusable for one looking for accurate historical knowledge.


The Volunti keep vast libraries containing everything from ancient historical documents to the personal diaries of the townsfolk. These are the hubs of modern life for the Volunti. Most Volunti settlements are elaborately constructed of wood and thus the Volunti have an aversion to fire for fear of burning down their libraries. Towns are lit through luminescent stones and food is heated with magic or at the communal fire in the middle of town, which is kept down to nothing more than hot coals.

The Volun Council and its Colonies

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